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SDB Iris germanica Chubby Cheeks Black 1984 Iris
SDB Iris germanica 'Chubby Cheeks' (Black, 1984)
SDB Iris germanica 'Sitelle' (Tasquier, ...
Chubby Cheeks
Anitra | Historic Iris Preservation Society
Intermediate bearded IRIS ~ RASPBERRY ACRES Dwarf Iris, White Iris, Bearded Iris, Acre
TB Iris germanica 'Butterfly Kiss' (Hamblen, 1983)
SDB Iris Celebrate
SDB Iris germanica 'Lab' (Black, 2011) Dwarf Iris, Bearded Iris
Tall Bearded Iris 'Diversion' (Iris germanica)-
TB Iris germanica 'Christmas Rubies' (Hamblen, 1977) Iris Flowers, Types
IB Iris germanica 'Rikki Tiki' (Rogers, 1976)
'It Ain't Me Babe' (Baumunk 2007) SDB Bearded Iris,
Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris 'Enchanted Mocha'
TB Iris germanica 'Victorian Lace' (Schreiner, 1989)
'Bright Blue Eyes' 2017 - Michael Sutton, '
TB Iris germanica 'Sparkling Dew' (Schreiner, 1992)
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Lady Friend. Brown FlowersIris ...
TB Iris germanica 'Island Coral' (Black, This?
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C and T Iris Patch: Blitz
Bluebeard's Ghost. '
TB #Iris germanica '#Snow #Shoes' (Osborne by Maryott, 1995
SapphireJewel. '
SDB Iris germanica 'Chubby Cheeks' (Black, 1984) | Iris flowers that I like and would like to have in future!! | Pinterest | Iris, Bearded iris and Dwarf
Iris Germanica Speeding Again (rebl.) - De Vroomen Pretty Flowers, Iris Flowers
Stout Gardens at Dancingtree - Iris LIMESICLE Iris Garden, Love Garden, Garden Ideas,
C and T Iris Patch: Blatant
Yellow bearded irises
TB Iris germanica 'Spouting Horn' (Johnson, 2001) Iris Eye, Iris
This iris colouration reminds me of the Intermediate Iris 'Confederate Soldier' both are an odd concoction of colours, but find the right place in the the ...
Eleanor Roosevelt (1933) 'Oma' Waltraud Hahn Grey
Iris Art Print featuring the photograph Deep Purple Iris by Debbie Oppermann Purple Iris, Deep
C and T Iris Patch: Heather Susanne
1088, CAFE SOCIETY, Ghio, J. 1984/85 ...
I thought it was time for an update for the post 'Irwell Gold Strike' with a new photo and a few additional encouraging words. This iris just will not and ...
Pinnacle (Jean Stevens 1945). NB L · iris
Border Bearded Iris SOUNDZ OF COUNTIES
Tall Bearded Iris BEAUMONDE
C and T Iris Patch: Black Mercury
365 ...
C and T Iris Patch: Privileged Character
TB Iris germanica 'Guadalajara' (Ghio, 1988) Beautiful Flowers Garden, All
C and T Iris Patch: Bethany Claire
Tall Bearded Iris ROCOCO
New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris 'CABBAGES AND KINGS'
C and T Iris Patch: Again and Again
Iris germanica Giclee Print by Pierre-Joseph Redouté at Vintage Botanical Illustration
C and T Iris Patch: Prank
'IN BETWEEN' is out of a cross of Shirley Spicer's 1996 SDB 'Little Bridget' and Gordon Plough's 1976 Blue TB 'Glacier Magic'. Robust growth with nice clean ...
2014 – Paul Black
TB Iris germanica 'Crete' (Johnson, ...
Tall Bearded Iris 'LILAC HAZE'
New Zealand Tall Bearded Iris 'ALISON PENNEY'
Little Black Belt, '
C and T Iris Patch: Dark Rings standard dwarf bearded iris
New Zealand Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris FOREST GLADE. '
1150, CARNIVAL IN RIO, Black, P. 1984/85 ...
'Magic Ray' a Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris bred by the late Hilmary Catton of Hawkes Bay. An early stand out bloomer with a delightfully tailored form,creamy ...
Wish Upon A Star, '
Pacific Coast Irises at Queen Elizabeth Park
Iris germanica Black Swan At/Co
New Zealand Bred and classified as a Arilbred Median (AB-MED), it also has the classification from the Aril Society as OGB- which is a a hybrid containing ...
'Hocus Pocus' 1981 - Ben Hager
'Death by Chocolate'
289 ...
444, CHEESECAKE, Gaulter, L. 1984/84 ...
C and T Iris Patch: Mallory Kay Bearded Iris, Birthday Greetings, Dwarf,
TB Iris germanica 'Fine Romance' (Johnson, 2013) Most Beautiful Flowers,
In 1999 Ron Busch released and registered 5 Standard Dwarf Irises which just disappeared below the Iris World radar. No photos, no reports in Journals,they ...
Tall Bearded Iris 'WENCH'
Iris Flowers, All Flowers, Pretty Flowers, Blooming Flowers, Most Beautiful Flowers,
No two blooms colour configurations are exactly the same and blooms can change due to regional growing and seasonal changes so what the photo shows will ...
(@ Maisie garden) May / June / July Iris germanica Nightfall
1675, CHESTNUT CHEEKS, Austin, L. 1964/65 ...
One of the good thing that happens when the Tall Bearded iris season nearly comes to the end, is the start of the Spuria Irises season .
I am quite partial to Blue and White coloured plicata's in the Lilliput's as they add a special carrying power to the emerging spring garden.
1152, CODICIL, Innerst, S. 1984/85 ...
2159, CINNAMON ...
'Aurora Lights' a great looking plicata that you see a lot growing in the more established gardens in the Wairarapa. Key point in identification is the ...
Flirting Again (Aiken 2002) AGM
1346 ...
In the year 1997 Ron Busch registered the iris 'Irwell Royal', becoming the first of many Irises to be registered by Ron with the prefix 'Irwell'.
'Orange Tiger' 1994 - Bennett Jones
Blue Iris Flowers, Purple Iris, Colorful Flowers, Flower Artwork, Flower Drawings,
Watercolor iris
Flower Sketch Images, Flower Sketches, Iris Drawing, Realistic Sketch, Iris Flowers,
This is the exciting Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris 'Alamosa' by Noel Lapham who is undoubtedly New Zealand's premier breeder in this class.
324, CHIEF REDSKIN, Hamner, B. 1984/84 ...
Iris Tattoo - this is the exact color palette I would want!