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Supernatural Death So badass he has his own theme song and slo
Supernatural ~ Death - So badass he has his own theme song and slo-mo enterance
Supernatural - [5x21 Two Minutes To Midnight] - Death:the most badass character on SPN
Death is one of my fav characters and I cried a lot when he died
Dean and Death have a talk.
Who's chopping onions? Lol
AHHHHHHHHHHH Supernatural Pictures, Supernatural Fandom, Dont Touch, Touch Me, Bad Picture,
No stop that
Myers-Briggs Type INTJ, Death. No wonder I love this best friend is an INTJ. :P
Second* best entrance ,have you ever seen castiel's? Death had his song, the white Cadillac and just casually killed a guy who bumped into him.
Supernatural - till Dean kills him first!
4.22; Lucifer Rising: Sam leaves Dean to kill Lilith & the angels kidnap Dean for their own apocalyptic purposes. Castiel helps Dean escape, & once they've ...
no one else could play this role but him | Geek Galore | Pinterest | Supernatural, Death supernatural and Death
[SET OF GIFS] "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." AAH game of thrones and supernatural! 2 of my favorite things!
Female Dean, Sam & Cas
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I watched that speech and thought the same thing. I actually rewound and paused it. ROFL!!
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Dean Winchester still cared about the world, even with the Mark eating him up and
[Balthazar] Sebastian Roche's Instagram. #Supernatural
Oh, Death. No wealth no ruin no silver no gold. Nothing satisfies me
30 Best Supernatural Quotes from 'Regarding Dean' (12x11
isn't even weird to you anymore | Obsessions | Pinterest | Supernatural, Sentences and Death
Julian Richings (Death - Supernatural) by *eajna on deviantART [not a photograph, very awesome]
Tv I love | Pinterest | Supernatural, Superwholock and Winchester
"The awkward moment when the demon who killed your family is nicer than your own father..." [The demons and Winchesters seem to have this problem.
[GIFSET] "I believe there is a God. But I'm not sure he believes in us." 10x16 Paint It Black
Oh, but Cas isn't in love with Dean, huh?
sam looks so happy nd relaxed nd safe nd i want to cry again
Son of a Bitch... not again! Lol
That or Fan Fiction. At least then they'd get a quick recap of
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Sam, Dean, and Cas cheating Death xD
Jared, Jensen, and Misha face morphed. Be still my heart! <3
Sam & Dean Winchester - 4x11
Death: One of the Horseman of the Apocalypse...Appointment in Samarra Jared
Supernatural Fan Art | Death • Julian Richings
Completely irrelevant Sam Winchester, Winchester Brothers, Superwholock, Destiel, Johnlock, Supernatural Mystery
Their names were Dean and Bobby < < < Mary was also one but left so early
supernatural dean winchester sam winchester Very true only have two kids three youngest one is only going through death
I cried
30 Best Supernatural Quotes from 'Regarding Dean' (12x11
Death loves his fast food! One of the best smaller parts on the show!
The writers making fun of Jared and Jensen, haha Jared And Jensen, Jensen Ackles
I watched that speech and thought the same thing. I actually rewound and paused it. ROFL!! | A spoon full of Sugar | Pinterest | Supernatural, Fandoms an…
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No but for real, my heart stopped broke into a billion pieces during this scene. The boys did an amazing job, like always! < < < < < I cried so hard I thought he ...
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester, and Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural.
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this has just the perfect amount of the face. Great angles great pose. Castiel
My favorite Disney movie+Sam this pic gives me life
Still a Winchester though still rotting in Lucifer's cage. you guys do know that Adam is dead right? He died way before Micheal took over his body sooo
Maybe this is why Lucifer killed Cas in 12x23, it's because he knows how much. Supernatural ...
Pin by All Things Supernatural on Death / Julian Richings | Pinterest | Chicken nuggets, Death and Supernatural
(He learned a few things from the pizza man.) Castiel,
a littlehobbit's perspective
I threw a hat at my TV, especially with Bobby and Charlie Supernatural Bobby,
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Submissive badass, but only for his baby <3
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Sam with a gun, season 4... 2/30 random spn stills
I'm not gonna apologize for loving that fish #SamWinchester #DeanWinchester #Supernatural
It's a valid argument. Jensen Ackles, everyone. Supernatural Fandom, Castiel, Supernatural
Hes just so damn hot in a white shirt it hurts.
Supernatural - Julian Richings as Death/Pale Horseman of the Apocalypse. Supernatural Angels,
It's not bad that I read that in Marks voice.
I hear he is on a tortilla in New Mexico..... Supernatural
Under that beard is a baby face.
Supernatural- The Horseman - DEATH
Watch Supernatural Season 1 Episode After Dean is fatally injured on a case, Sam thinks he's found a cure in a preacher who performs miracles.
Actor Julian Riching who plays Death on SUPERNATURAL talks about his character on the show and also being a Kryptonian in Zack Snyder's Superman flick MAN ...
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supernatural, Jensen Ackles and jared padalecki image on We Heart It
So I invite you to contemplate how insignificant I find you ~ Four Horsemen, Death ~ Supernatural
Supernatural Beings, Death Supernatural, Supernatural Quotes
Fandom sings karaoke with Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer, Death, the King of Hell
Well they all died so it's accurate <<<< SET. Supernatural ...
A story by a high Dean Winchester Supernatural Seasons,
Shes just so cute.
Supernatural fandom More Supernatural ...
Dean did al this for Sammy because no one ever did it for him. So he vows to give Sammy something to believe in, and as long as possible, ...
Supernatural In a Nutshell* a comic sans presentation in lieu de studying BEWARE OF SPOILERS by anemotionallyunstablecreature
supernatural four horsemen cars | the verses from The Book of Revelations relating to the four horsemen .
The Four Horsemen My favorite book of the Bible with some of my favorite verses.
I love death < We all love death. 카스티엘, 팬 소녀, Dean
Mines Crowley Death Supernatural, Castiel, Supernatural Tv Show, Deviantart
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I'm either going to cry or applaud. Probably both. That'd
Julian Richings (Death - Supernatural) by *eajna on deviantART [not a photograph, very awesome] | Fangirl | Pinterest | Dibujos, Pinturas and Hiperrealismo
Castiel gives Sam and Dean a warning on the season seven finale. Death also makes an appearance.
Supernatural Preferences and Imagines - -.-Insomnia-.-
Death knows good food
3 Death Supernatural, Supernatural Actors, Destiel, Jensen Ackles, Interesting Faces, British